10 Best Small Cap Funds in India

10 Best Small Cap Funds in India

Are you looking to maximize your investment potential in the Indian stock market? If so, small-cap funds might be the answer! These dynamic investment options have gained significant popularity among investors due to their high growth potential and attractive returns. In this article, we will explore the best Small Cap Funds in India that will help you achieve your economic dreams. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, examine directly to find out how those finances can benefit you and which ones stand out. Get ready to embark on an exciting wealth-creation journey with the best small-cap funds in India!

What are Small Cap Funds?

10 Best Small Cap Funds in India

Small-cap funds are mutual funds centered on investing in small-cap stocks, representing companies with relatively smaller market capitalization than large and mid-cap counterparts. Despite higher risks, these funds offer enticing opportunities for investors seeking substantial long-term returns.

Key Points:

  1. Market Capitalization Definition: Small-cap companies have a smaller total value of outstanding shares.
  2. High Growth Potential: Small-cap funds target lesser-known companies with significant growth prospects, providing the potential for substantial returns.
  3. Early-stage Investment Advantage: Small-cap funds can identify hidden gems in their early stages, allowing investors to benefit from significant appreciation as these businesses grow.
  4. Volatility Dynamics: Small-cap stocks often exhibit greater volatility due to factors like limited liquidity, presenting both opportunities and challenges for investors.
  5. Historical Performance: Some well-managed small-cap funds have delivered impressive returns over time, although past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.
  6. Thorough Research is Crucial: Investors should conduct thorough research, choosing reputable fund houses with proven track records before making investment decisions.

Exploring the best small-cap funds can be an exciting avenue for diversifying portfolios and tapping into India’s vibrant economy at its grassroots level, offering potential rewards for those willing to take on higher risks.

Benefits of Investing in Small Cap Funds

Investing in small-cap funds presents several advantages for growth-oriented investors:

  1. Higher Return Potential: Small cap companies have extra growth capability, providing buyers the opportunity for great earnings because of capability stock charge increases over time.
  2. Diversification: Small cap funds spread investments across various industries, mitigating risk and increasing the likelihood of positive returns compared to concentrating on a few stocks.
  3. Access to Niche Markets: Small cap funds often provide entry to emerging industries and niche markets, enabling investors to capitalize on innovative businesses with rapid expansion potential.
  4. Less Analyst Coverage: Small-cap stocks receive less attention from analysts and institutional investors, creating opportunities for individual investors to identify undervalued companies before they gain widespread attention.

Investing in small-cap funds combines the potential for high growth with diversification across sectors, access to niche markets, and unique opportunities not readily available elsewhere.

10 Best Small Cap Funds in India

1. Kotak Small Cap Fund

best small cap funds in india


Kotak Small Cap Fund has positioned itself as a standout performer in the small-cap fund category, boasting a substantial fund size of ₹13,377 Crs and an impressive annual return of +32.28%. Managed by seasoned professionals with a disciplined investment approach, the fund distinguishes itself through a strategy focused on identifying undervalued companies with robust growth prospects, contributing to its consistent performance.

Investing money in Kotak Small Cap Fund exposes investors to small-cap stocks, presenting the potential for substantial long-term returns. Additionally, it enables portfolio diversification and risk reduction by allocating investments across smaller companies in diverse sectors.

While the fund’s strong track record and consistent overall performance make it an attractive choice for those in search of capital appreciation, investors need to take into account the higher volatility and dangers associated with small-cap funds compared to their large-cap counterparts.

2. Quant Small Cap Fund

Quant Small Cap Fund


Quant Small Cap Fund, a leading performer in the small-cap category, boasts a robust fund size of ₹11,207 Crs and an impressive annual return of +46.47%. Its consistent performance and focus on delivering high returns have made it a popular choice among investors.

With a targeted approach to small-cap companies, the fund aims to identify stocks with strong growth potential through a research-driven investment strategy. The well-diversified portfolio spans various sectors, providing balanced exposure to different industries.

Actively managed by experienced professionals, the fund offers an opportunity for capital appreciation in the small-cap segment while helping mitigate associated risks. For investors seeking potentially high-growth opportunities, Quant Small Cap Fund is a reliable choice with a track record of superior returns over time.

3. Bank of India Small Cap Fund

Bank of India Small Cap Fund


Bank of India Small Cap Fund stands out as a top-performing small cap fund in India, boasting a fund size of ₹820 Crs and an impressive annual return rate of +36.54%. Renowned for its consistent performance, the fund distinguishes itself through its strategic focus on small-cap stocks, aiming to harness its high growth potential for attractive returns.

Investors are drawn to the diversification benefits offered by this fund, as it strategically invests in a well-curated basket of small-cap stocks spanning various sectors. Small caps, known for their long-term outperformance over large-cap stocks, provide a promising avenue for significant capital appreciation.

What sets the Bank of India Small Cap Fund apart is not only its investment focus but also its management by experienced professionals who employ rigorous research and analysis, thereby mitigating risks associated with smaller companies.

For investors seeking wealth creation through the potential of small-cap stocks, the Bank of India Small Cap Fund presents itself as a compelling choice with a track record of delivering consistent and attractive returns over time.

4. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund

Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund


Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund has positioned itself as a leading small-cap fund in India, boasting a substantial fund size of ₹10,777 Crs and an impressive annual return rate of +33.78%. Attracting investors searching for growth opportunities, the fund distinguishes itself by focusing on smaller companies with the potential to emerge as future industry leaders.

By strategically targeting these lesser-known gems, Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund aims to deliver substantial returns over the long term. This investment avenue proves advantageous for those seeking portfolio diversification and higher growth prospects, as small-cap stocks historically outperform their large-cap counterparts during economic expansions. T

he fund’s management team adopts a meticulous approach, employing thorough research and analysis to identify small-cap companies with robust fundamentals and growth potential. While presenting an appealing opportunity for long-term growth, potential buyers have to be cognizant of the inherent risks related to small-cap finances, along with volatility and sensitivity to marketplace fluctuations.

A thoughtful risk appetite assessment is essential for those considering the Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund as part of their investment strategy. Nonetheless, its consistent performance and diligent management make it a compelling choice for investors confident in the growth potential of smaller companies within the mutual funds landscape in India.

5. HDFC Small Cap Fund

HDFC Small Cap Fund


HDFC Small Cap Fund has solidified its position as a top performer in the small-cap fund category, boasting a substantial fund size of ₹25,409 Crs and an impressive annual return of +33.31%. Positioned as a reliable investment option, the fund offers exposure to small-cap stocks, presenting the potential for substantial long-term returns, especially considering the exponential growth often witnessed in these early-stage companies.

Managed by experienced professionals with deep market insights, HDFC Small Cap Fund benefits from strategic expertise in identifying promising small-cap winners, enhancing the likelihood of significant profits. The fund’s diversified investment approach, spanning various sectors, mitigates risk and ensures a balanced portfolio.

Its consistent track record of delivering reliable returns over time has garnered trust and confidence from investors, making HDFC Small Cap Fund a compelling choice for those seeking exposure to India’s small-cap market with a focus on growth potential and skilled management.

6. Sundaram Small Cap Fund

Sundaram Small Cap Fund


Sundaram Small Cap Fund, with a ₹2,878 Crs fund size and an impressive +32.48% annual return, stands out as a top-performing small cap fund in India. Investors appreciate its consistent performance and growth potential.

This fund strategically targets small-cap companies poised for industry leadership, aiming for substantial long-term returns. Managed by an experienced team known for meticulous stock selection through in-depth research, it has proven resilient during market downturns.

Despite its small-cap focus, Sundaram Small Cap Fund showcases effectiveness during market volatility. Investors should note the associated risk and ensure a suitable risk tolerance.

With a track record of success and expert management, Sundaram Small Cap Fund remains an appealing choice for those seeking exposure to India’s small-cap sector.

7. HSBC Small Cap Fund

HSBC Small Cap Fund


HSBC Small Cap Fund, with a ₹12,795 Crs fund size and an impressive +34.19% annual return, stands out as a top-performing small cap fund in India. It is favored for its consistent performance and focuses on smaller companies with high growth potential.

A key strength lies in its diversified portfolio across sectors like healthcare, consumer goods, technology, and financial services. Employing a meticulous bottom-up approach to stock selection, the fund managers analyze each company’s financials and growth prospects.

Investing in HSBC Small Cap Fund provides exposure to high-growth companies with the potential for strong long-term returns. Its focus on less-researched small-cap stocks creates opportunities for active fund managers.

However, investors should be mindful of the higher risk associated with small-cap funds and maintain a long-term investment horizon to navigate market fluctuations.

HSBC Small Cap Fund, backed by a track record of attractive returns and effective stock selection strategies, is a reliable option for those seeking growth opportunities within the small-cap segment.

8. Nippon India Small Cap Fund

Nippon India Small Cap Fund


Nippon India Small Cap Fund, with a ₹41,019 Crs fund size and an impressive +38.57% annual return, is a standout performer in the small-cap category. Its distinguishing factor is the meticulous identification of promising small-cap companies, emphasizing strong fundamentals and future growth prospects. The fund follows a disciplined stock selection approach, focusing on financial performance, competitive advantage, and management quality.

Investing in Nippon India Small Cap Fund offers an opportunity to tap into the growth potential of undervalued small-cap companies, potentially delivering substantial returns over time. The fund’s commitment to generating long-term wealth aligns with the capital appreciation objectives of investors.

With a track record of consistent returns and expertise in uncovering hidden gems in the small-cap space, Nippon India Small Cap Fund is a compelling choice for those seeking exposure to this segment.

9. Tata Small Cap Fund

Tata Small Cap Fund


Tata Small Cap Fund, with a ₹6,346 Crs fund size and an impressive +34.22% annual return, stands out in India’s small-cap fund category. What distinguishes it is the fund’s adeptness in identifying high-growth potential small-cap companies through a research-driven approach, aiming for long-term wealth creation.

Investing in Tata Small Cap Fund presents the advantage of tapping into the untapped potential of small-cap companies often overlooked by larger institutional investors, potentially resulting in higher returns over time. Additionally, it provides diversification within investment portfolios, given the lower correlation of small-caps with larger stocks and asset classes.

With a commitment to delivering consistent long-term returns through sector diversification and a bottom-up stock-picking strategy, Tata Small Cap Fund offers investors exposure to various industries and diverse opportunities. It is a robust choice for those seeking to capitalize on hidden gems within the Indian market while enhancing portfolio diversification.

10. Invesco India Smallcap Fund

Invesco India Smallcap Fund


Invesco India Smallcap Fund, with a ₹3,262 Crs fund size and an impressive +32.93% annual return, stands out among India’s top small-cap funds. What distinguishes it is its focus on identifying undervalued stocks with strong growth prospects, employing a disciplined, bottom-up approach for portfolio selection.

The fund’s diversified portfolio spans various sectors, allowing investors to capitalize on the growth potential inherent in small-cap stocks. Despite the higher risk associated with small-cap funds, Invesco India Smallcap Fund, managed by an experienced team, has consistently delivered above-average returns.

For investors seeking exposure to promising small-cap stocks and willing to navigate higher volatility for potentially greater returns, Invesco India Smallcap Fund is a suitable choice for enhancing their investment portfolio.


In conclusion, small-cap funds can be an excellent addition to your investment portfolio if you seek long-term growth and are willing to take on the associated risks. These funds can deliver substantial returns, especially when invested in well-managed and promising companies.

However, it is important to remember that investing in small-cap funds requires careful research and analysis. While the funds mentioned above have shown impressive performance in recent years, past performance does not indicate future results. It is always advisable to consult with a financial advisor or conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

Choosing the best small-cap fund for you will depend on your risk appetite, financial goals, and investment horizon. It is essential to consider these factors and other relevant information such as expense ratios, fund manager track record, and portfolio composition before making an informed decision.

So go ahead and explore the world of small-cap funds in India! With diligent research and wise decision-making, you may be reaping significant rewards from these high-potential investments over time. Happy investing!


This article is only for informational purposes and should not be considered financial advice. Always do thorough research before making any investment decisions. The information provided above regarding each Smallcap Fund, including its fund size and annual return, is based on data available as of January 2, 2024.

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