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10 Best Unlisted Shares to Buy in India

10 Best Unlisted Shares to Buy in India

Discover the hidden gems of the Indian stock market with our guide to the best unlisted shares to buy in India! While many investors flock to listed stocks, savvy individuals are exploring the untapped potential of unlisted shares. These off-market investments offer a unique opportunity for early-stage investing and can yield impressive returns.

In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know about unlisted shares – from their advantages over listed stocks to where and how to find them. So, get ready to unlock a whole new world of investment possibilities and dive into the exciting realm of unlisted shares!

An Overview of Unlisted Shares

10 Best Unlisted Shares to Buy in India10 Best Unlisted Shares to Buy in India

Unlisted shares, also known as private or closely held shares, are shares of a company that are not traded on a public stock exchange. These shares are typically owned by the company’s founders, employees, or a select group of investors.

Unlike listed shares, which can be bought and sold freely on the stock market, unlisted shares have limited liquidity and are often sold through private transactions. Investing in unlisted shares can provide opportunities for potential capital appreciation, as these shares may gain value if the company goes public or gets acquired.

However, they also carry certain risks, such as limited information availability, lower liquidity, and potentially higher volatility compared to listed shares. It is important for investors to conduct thorough research, consider the company’s financials and growth potential, and assess their risk tolerance before investing in unlisted shares.

Advantages of Buying Unlisted Shares

Investing in unlisted shares can provide several advantages to investors.

  1. Potential for High Returns: Undervalued prices offer investors the opportunity for significant profits when unlisted shares eventually get listed.
  2. Early Access to Promising Companies: Investing in unlisted shares allows early participation in startups and emerging businesses before they go public.
  3. Flexibility in Investment Choices: Offers greater control over investment decisions, allowing investors to align with specific companies or sectors.
  4. Diversification Opportunities: The inclusion of unlisted shares alongside listed stocks enables risk spreading and potential enhancement of portfolio performance.
  5. Tax Advantages: Certain jurisdictions may provide tax benefits, such as lower taxes on long-term capital gains from selling unquoted equity shares.

Investing in unlisted shares combines the potential for high returns, early access to promising ventures, flexibility, diversification benefits, and possible tax advantages, making it an attractive option for investors.

Listed Shares Vs. Unlisted Shares

Listed Shares Vs. Unlisted Shares

Listed shares and unlisted shares have significant differences that investors should understand.

Listed shares refer to shares of a company that are listed and traded on a recognized stock exchange. These shares offer high liquidity, as they can be bought and sold easily during market hours. Investors can access a wealth of information about listed companies, including financial reports and analyst ratings, which can aid in making informed investment decisions. Additionally, listed shares often offer greater transparency and regulatory oversight.

On the other hand, unlisted shares are not traded on stock exchanges and hence have limited liquidity. The availability of information about unlisted companies may be restricted, and there may be fewer regulations governing these shares. However, investing in unlisted shares can provide opportunities for higher returns if the company goes public or gets acquired. Unlisted shares may also have potential tax advantages, depending on the jurisdiction.

Ultimately, investors should consider their risk tolerance, investment goals, and access to information before deciding whether to invest in listed or unlisted shares.

10 Best Unlisted Shares to Buy in India

Unlisted shares, also known as privately held stocks, are gaining popularity among investors in India. These shares belong to companies that are not listed on the stock exchange. Investing in unlisted shares can offer several advantages, such as the potential for higher returns, diversification of portfolio, and opportunities to invest in promising startups.

When it comes to the best-unlisted shares to buy in India, there are a few names that stand out. They are:

  1. Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd: Orbis Financial Corporation is a financial services company based in India. They offer a range of financial products and services, including wealth management, investment advisory, and broking services.
  2. HDB Financial Services Ltd: HDB Financial Services is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank and provides a wide range of financial services, including personal loans, business loans, and vehicle loans. It has a strong presence in the retail lending space.
  3. API Holding Ltd: API Holding is a technology company that specializes in providing software solutions for the healthcare industry. They offer products and services that cater to various aspects of healthcare management, including electronic medical records, billing systems, and patient engagement solutions.
  4. Care Health Insurance Ltd: Care Health Insurance, formerly known as Religare Health Insurance, is a leading health insurance company in India. They provide comprehensive health insurance plans that cover a wide range of medical expenses.
  5. Mohan Meakin Ltd: Mohan Meakin is a well-established Indian beverage company with brands like Old Monk rum, Golden Eagle beer, and Solan No. 1 whisky under its portfolio. The company has a long history and a strong market presence.
  6. Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd: Sterlite Power Transmission is a power transmission infrastructure company. They specialize in designing, building, and operating power transmission systems and have a significant presence in the Indian power sector.
  7. Schneider Electric India: Schneider Electric is a multinational corporation that specializes in energy management and automation solutions. Schneider Electric India offers a wide range of products and services related to electrical distribution, automation, and energy management.
  8. Chennai Super Kings: Chennai Super Kings is a professional cricket franchise that competes in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The team has a large fan base and has been one of the most successful franchises in the history of the IPL.
  9. Hexaware Technologies Ltd: Hexaware Technologies is a global technology company that provides IT services and consulting. They offer services in areas such as application development and maintenance, enterprise solutions, business process outsourcing, and digital transformation.
  10. TATA Capital Ltd: TATA Capital is a subsidiary of the TATA Group, one of India’s largest conglomerates. They provide a wide range of financial products and services, including retail lending, corporate finance, wealth management, and insurance.

Please note that investing in unlisted shares carries certain risks, as these shares are not listed on the stock exchange and may not have as much liquidity or transparency as listed shares. It is advisable to thoroughly research and consider the potential risks before making any investment decisions.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Unlisted Shares

best unlisted shares to buy in india

  • Gather comprehensive details on the company’s financials, management, business model, and growth prospects.
  • Assess the valuation relative to industry peers using metrics like P/E, P/S, and ROE.
  • Understand and evaluate your risk tolerance for the inherent volatility and illiquidity of unlisted shares.
  • Plan your exit strategy, considering potential challenges in selling unlisted shares compared to listed stocks.
  • Seek guidance from financial experts specializing in unlisted securities to navigate risks and make informed decisions.

How to Buy Unlisted Shares and Where to Find Them?

To buy unlisted shares, you need to follow a specific process.

  • Firstly, it is important to do thorough research on the company whose shares you wish to acquire. Understand its financial performance, growth prospects, and the reasons for it being an unlisted entity.
  • Once you have made an informed decision, you can approach a registered broker or financial advisor who deals in unlisted shares. They can guide you through the process, including assisting with the necessary paperwork and compliance requirements.
  • Additionally, you can also explore online platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of unlisted shares. These platforms often provide information about available shares and their prices and facilitate transactions.
  • However, it is crucial to verify the credibility and legality of these platforms before engaging in any transactions.

Overall, buying unlisted shares requires diligent research, appropriate guidance, and adherence to legal and regulatory procedures.

Tax Implications of Investing in Unlisted Shares in India

Tax Implications of Investing in Unlisted Shares in India

Investing in unlisted shares in India has certain tax implications that investors should be aware of.

Firstly, when purchasing unlisted shares, it is important to consider the tax treatment of any gains or profits made upon selling the shares. If the shares are held for less than 24 months, they are considered short-term capital assets, and the gains are taxable as per the individual’s applicable income tax slab rate.

However, if the shares are held for 24 months or more, they are considered long-term capital assets, and the gains attract a flat tax rate of 20% with indexation benefits. Additionally, investors may also be subject to wealth tax on their investments in unlisted shares if the total value of their assets exceeds the threshold specified by the Income Tax Act.

It is advisable to consult with a qualified tax professional to understand the specific tax implications and plan accordingly before investing in unlisted shares in India.


In conclusion, investing in unlisted shares can offer great potential for high returns and diversification of one’s investment portfolio. After careful research and analysis, the 10 best unlisted shares to buy in India are: (list of 10 companies). These companies have shown strong performance, promising growth prospects, and potential for future listing.

However, as with any investment opportunity, it is important to carefully consider the risks involved and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions. With proper due diligence and a long-term investment approach, these top unlisted shares have the potential to generate significant gains for investors in the Indian market.

FAQs – Best Unlisted Shares to Buy in India

Is it worth buying NSE unlisted shares?

The worthiness of buying NSE unlisted shares depends on factors like company performance and growth prospects. Thorough research and evaluation are needed.

Is it safe to buy unlisted shares?

Buying unlisted shares carries risks due to limited liquidity and transparency. Careful evaluation and engaging reputable brokers or advisors can help mitigate risks.

Can I sell my unlisted shares?

Yes, you can sell unlisted shares, but the process may need to be revised with lower liquidity. Engaging brokers or advisory platforms can help facilitate the selling process.

Are unlisted shares taxable?

Yes, unlisted shares are generally subject to taxation. Tax treatment depends on factors like the holding period and gains made upon selling the shares. Consult a tax professional for specific regulations.


This article is only for informational purposes and should not be considered financial advice. Always do thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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